Digital Impressions

Digital Impressions – Speed, Accuracy & Comfort

Malsch Orthodontics is proud to offer digital impressions for our patients. Unpleasant putty impressions are a thing of the past with the CS 3600 intraoral scanner!

The CS 3600 captures the contours of the tooth and gingival structures, producing an accurate digital orthodontic scan in minutes. This non-invasive procedure is ideal for patients, no unpleasant putty material traditionally associated with taking impressions.

How the CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner Works

The handheld wand takes a digital, 3D image of your prepared teeth, stopping as needed. The wand is non-invasive and you can breathe and swallow as needed during the procedure. If you need to move or adjust, you can do so – the accuracy of the handheld wand is first-rate. Needing to “re-do” impressions is rare. Plus, you can look at the 3D image on the screen in real-time as the orthodontist moves the wand!

Benefits of Teeth Scanning

  • Eliminates Putty Impressions – the most invasive procedure in daily orthodontic care. No more goopy, unpleasant aftertaste of traditional impressions. An increase in your comfort!
  • Superior Accuracy  – with no distortion from patient movement during set, removal of impression, or disinfection.
  • Onscreen Visualization – allows for immediate adjustment to create the ideal orthodontic scan the first time. The image appears on the screen as the orthodontist scans your mouth in real-time!